About this story

Place where @wahwahid put notes about virtual moment.

Who am i ?

@wahwahid is a machine storyteller and screen painter. Rumored as a software engineer and half-designer who love art and literature.

Really, who am i ?

You may know me as hidaru / Wahid Dul Rohman in several publication sites.

Please, who am i ?

A human who live in Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta.
I also Find, Learn, Know, Understand, Do, Can, Share, then
Invite other for what i love.

Ehmm, who am i ?

Okay, check my linked.in profile for my real identity.

Nice to meet you!

Happy to e-meet you, let's be friend on my social media profiles and feel free to share with me about how wonderful this world are.